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Learning Resources

eBooks are under active development. There will be several editions about different topics, for all skills levels. All of them leading to professional design creation.

Have you ever wondered why permaculture is different from landscaping? Are there similarities ? What are the advantages of permaculture design?

FREE - 13 pages

A radical summary about how to use principles and ethics in designs. It explores a few examples and give a straightforward simple method to achieve it.

Release : coming soon

FREE - 27 pages

This book will answer the vast majority of topics any designer should know to develop efficient projects. Unlike other books, it will only focus on the attitude and methodology to create your own design or sell it to clients.

From a professional perspective

To be released in 2019

What are the tricks that work, and which ones won't. Which tool to use in any situation ? How to implement the method properly ? Which decision to make depending on the information you have ? This is what this book is all about.

This handbook guides you through each one of your designs.

It gives a hand for every step you need to take and drastically empowers your efficiency as a designer.

Just follow the steps…

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