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​Who am I?

I'm 37 years old. Enough to speak from experience, and enough to realize I know very little..

I've been implementing and researching in permaculture for a decade. Since I started, I questioned the design practice, and looked directly for a renewed methodology to save time and develop the design on a larger and professional scale. I travelled extensively, working with urban farming organizations in the US, reforesting bare land in remote communities in Haiti, following old school permaculture practicioners, etc. I launched the first Belgian permaculture design company in 2012, co-founded PADIA in 2017, and work with partners worldwide.

I lead projects in Europe, from community gardens to various homesteads, and farms development. My design range varies from 60 sq. meters to 200 hectares. I learned through several Permaculture Design Courses, attended Allan Savory's Holistic Management and Keyline design by Darren Doherty (practicing in the French mountains, back in 2014).



My reason to be is to make projects work, and to empower people. Be it through design consultancy with my PADIA colleagues, through teaching or coaching. I feel happy then.

What I like to do is integrate the development of permaculture on an agricultural level. I was also trained in community management and Holacracy™ in the US.

Finally, I was lucky enough to help groups and organizations to transform their work to shared decision-making habits.


After a while, I developped a toolbox from holistic analysis to drawing beautiful master plans, enhancing it through time and experience. I strongly believe it can be one of the leading permaculture's methodology for people who want to make sound designs, while having an easy process to follow.

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